Engraving pen

Ballpoint pen for engraving metal, stone and wood

Engraves steel, glass, wood, plastics, plaster, stone and marble.

Engrave even forged steel!

The engraving pen allows you to write on these materials with the same efficiency as a normal pencil on paper.
Tungsten carbide needles have a long life, after 150 hours of continuous engraving on steel, no wear is noticed on the tip.
The engraving pen is powered by an air compressor and has a very low vibration level, with a frequency 2-3 times higher than other competing pens. The result is deep, continuous marking of text or illustrations.
The pencil is equipped with three different needles: fine, medium and thick.
It also has a blade (for wood) and a chisel (for small stones).
All the maintenance it requires is a drop of oil in the air supply line each day of use.

The engraving pen with the optional needles; blade, chisel, fine, medium and coarse needle.
The needles are made of tungsten carbide

The standard version of the ballpoint pen is hardened "Blaknite", it is equipped with a 2.5 meter reinforced hose and comes with an intermediate point needle.
The needles: fine, intermediate, coarse, the blade and the chisel are supplied separately so that the pen can be used for different applications.



The engraving pen is useful for marking tools, motorcycles, cars, etc. for identification (eg against theft).




The engraving pen is often used for component or batch identification in machine shops.
Engraving on glass, ceramic, plaster or plastics is very easy to do with the engraving pen.




The engraving pen can be used to make or restore wooden models using the chisel or blade.




The inspection of geological objects such as fossils and crystal rocks are typical fields of application of the engraving pencil, equipping it with the chisel.
It is excellent for writing on marble.