Manual markers

Multi-surface manual ink markers

Manual markers


Ball point manual markers, with fast drying semi-liquid ink for marking or coding on all types of surfaces:
metal, plastic, cement, ceramic, rubber, wood, etc.
• Indelible ink, resistant to weathering and some chemical treatments.
• Cold marking (-30ºC to 80ºC)
• Brand thickness: 3mm.
• Steelmaking, rolling, warehouse machining of steels, molds. dies, sawmills, construction, surveying, etc.
• Gama 10 colores: amarilo, rojo, negro, azul, verde, marrón, naranja, violeta, gris.


• For very hot surfaces 750ºC to 1,200ºC.
• The trace does not burn or flow despite the temperature.
• Ideal for marking high temperature steel alloys.
• Suitable for marking out of the kiln, plates, billet ingots, forgings, etc.
• Special handles are available to mark away from the material.
• Colors: White


The RN Metal Marker is a refillable ball point marker, used for marking different surfaces with a bright and highly visible mark: Metal, wood, plastic, stone, asphalt, etc.
Its special RNM ink penetrates grease, oil or rust, leaving a resistant and indelible mark
RNM range: 10 colors; yellow, red white, black, blue, green, etc. 1 liter allows up to 22 refills.
The marker consists of a flexible plastic reservoir and a valve and ball tip. The ink outlet is regulated by gently compressing the container.

To take into account: when trying to use it, dry the head to clean the excess ink and put the cap on. In case the ink is dry, clean with a cloth and RNM thinner.