Label Printers

Industrial and Desktop Label Printers

Label printers (or thermal printers) work by using controlled heat to get the image onto the paper. No ink or toner is used for direct printing, just heat.
Thermal transfer printing uses a process by which the ink presented on a thermal transfer ribbon (known as RIBBON) is transmitted to the paper mechanically. It is a system used for long-term labels, for shipping or other packaging tasks.


Sato, Zebra, Honeywell (Intermec and Datamax), Toshiba, Videojet, Markem, Bizerba, Cab, Carl, Valentin, TSC, Eltron, Citizen, Godex

Thermal transfer technology allows variable data to be modified in all prints in real time, without interruption of the production chain, minimizing data modification times.
The thermal transfer printing process leaves a crisp, clean, high-resolution print on the surface, resistant to deterioration caused by scratches, abrasion, washing, and chemicals such as oil, gasoline and alcohol.

By printing labels you will also ensure that your company complies with the different regulations and will have your work more organized.
Plus, with thermal printing you can forget about the cost of using different inks and toner.
At Belgraf we have different solutions for each business, from small portable printers to desktop printers, always counting on the quality and security of working with the big brands in the market and our technical and assistance service.