Industrial smoke extractors


Bofa Smoke Extractors


The Smoke Extraction and Filtration System Advantage 250 of BOFA It is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for jobs that require low extraction power.

This compact and extremely quiet It is ideal for use in low industrial activity environments such as laboratories, schools and also laser coding applications, sign shops or other jobs that generate a low or medium volume of waste in production and laser marking, coding and Recorded.


For work with marking, coding and engraving lases.

Latest technology at your service

The AD 250 fume filtration equipment incorporates the new pre-filter technology, DEEP PLEAT (deep pleat), as well as the new activated carbon filters, which provide an improvement in the performance of the pre-filter and the filter, ensuring greater performance of it. As a result, it offers greater efficiency and profitability to the system.

Standard functions

  • Indicator with filter level status
  • Long-lasting, inexpensive replacement filters
  • Very low noise level
  • Compact format, with small footprint
  • DEEP PLEAT technology pre filter, with deep pleats

DEEP FLAT technology

The AD 250 fume filtration system incorporates a new technology: DEEP PLEAT or Deep Pleat Filter Technology along with DUO technology and the latest activated carbon filter technology. All this provides an improvement in the performance of the filter and ensures greater durability of the same and as a consequence: greater efficiency of the system and its profitability.

Technical characteristics

  • External measurements: (HXAXL): 570 x 380 x 380 mm.
  • Cabin frame: Scratched stainless steel / sheet Painted steel
  • Air flow / pressure: 180 m3 / h
  • Power consumption: 230V single phase 50 / 60Hz
  • Maximum consumption: 135W
  • Noise level: <55 dB *
  • Weight: 40 Kg

PRE-FILTER Specifications

  • Pre-filter code: A1030056
  • Average filter extension area: 6 m2
  • Filtration medium: Fiberglass
  • Filter media construction: Maximum pleat 100mm
  • Filter box: Carton
  • Filter efficiency: F8 (95 % @ 0.9 microns

Combination filter specifications

  • HEPA / gas combination filter code: A1030055
  • HEPA Filtration Media: Fiberglass
  • HEPA filter construction: Maximum pleat depth with spacers
  • Filter box: Zinc plated sheet
  • Gaskets: Neoprene with adhesive
  • Filter efficiency: 99.99 % @ 0.3 micron