The Ribbon is a ribbon specially designed to work with thermal transfer printers.

This type of tape based on wax and / or resin allows the printer, through the application of heat, to adhere the necessary material to carry out the printing.

Ribbon can be applied to a multitude of non-thermal surfaces and is generally used for label and barcode printing.

Depending on the material used by the Ribbon, whether it is resin, wax or mixed, we will obtain different results, as well as different quality finishes.

Get in touch with us if you need advice or more information to find out what type of Ribbon is right for you.

Flat Head Technology

Flat Head technology was the first to appear on the market. It is present mainly in desktop printers, printing modules and label application.

In recent years, its evolution has made it possible to achieve speeds and definition practically similar to other technologies.

Near Edge Technology

Near Edge technology, at the time of its development, was a breakthrough especially in terms of high printing speed, resolution and temperature control. Therefore, a specific type of TTR is necessary for this technology.

Corner Edge Technology

Corner Edge technology is the most current and modern on the market. It exists in printers, but its main development has been driven by its implementation in online bookmarks. In these it has achieved speeds of up to 1000 mm / sec without loss of definition.

For these technologies, Belgraf Ibérica has three types of quality


It is the best-selling tape and is usually the most versatile and economical.
It is used in identification applications that do not require resistance.
They work very well on any type of surface.
This quality is used only in desktop printers and printer and label application modules.


It is an intermediate quality, where it is intended to take care of the resistance without entailing an excessive increase in price.
It is the second quality in consumption
It is often used for both paper and synthetics.
It is the most used in online markers, both intermittent and continuous. Its consumption in desktop printers is also important.


The range of resins is particularly recommended for synthetic supports (Pe, PP, Pet)
It is the final solution.
They are needed in special applications.
Their price is the highest, but they are the ones that best respond to customer needs.
We can find resins resistant to detergents, alcohols, gasoline, etc.
Its use is practically the same both in desktop printers and in online markers, since its use is determined by the requirement of the final product, never by the printer module. Corner Edge head ribbons are compatible with Near Edge technology, but cannot be used in printers or modules with flat head technology. We have samples, technical and safety sheets for approval.