Aplicadores de Etiquetas Belgraf Ap4 (Toshiba Aplex4)

El aplicador de etiquetas BelAp4 (Toshiba Aplex4) permite automatizar los procesos de etiquetado y dar una respuesta eficaz, fiable y robusta a las necesidades de impresión y aplicación de etiquetas de clientes multisectoriales.


Main features

La combinación de las impresoras industriales de la serie EX de Toshiba, con la tecnología de alta precisión y máxima seguridad del nuevo módulo aplicador, convierten al BelAp4 (Toshiba Aplex4) en una solución fácil de utilizar para el usuario y con uno de los mejores TCO del mercado.

  • Automatic labeling solution for all types of products.
  • Flexible and modular ready to respond to any need for online labeling.
  • Easy integration into the production line High quality printing to ensure compliance with the requirements of the supply and distribution chain.
  • Ease of use and maintenance.
  • Emulation functionality.
  • Quick return on investment (ROI), low total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Long life print head, lower print cost per km.

Toshiba's BelAp4 applicator is designed to withstand all types of industrial environments, easily adapting to existing production lines.
The module for Toshiba's EX series industrial printers allows you to work in thermal and direct-thermal transfer, at 200/300 / 600dpi, with a ribbon autonomy of up to 800m, and an automatic ribbon saver. (Ribbon saver available only on B-EX4T1 model)

Reduction of operating costs

Toshiba technology enables a drastic reduction in operating costs. The BelAp4 module equipped with B-EX4 series printers, has the environmentally friendly technology, recognized worldwide, that allows automatic ribbon saving (optional), with almost 70% less power consumption in stand-by mode compared to its predecessor . Eliminating wrinkles in the print ribbon also reduces paper and ribbon waste. These special features reduce operating costs while helping to preserve the environment.

Emulation technology

The emulation technology allows Toshiba printers to work with data flow allowing to improve their labels, without modifying their current system. No need to change your software, just install the printer and start working. Free yourself from the constraints of your proprietary system, protect your future investments, and lower your TCO.

Tagging in motion

1 ″ piston shaft with adjustable up / down stroke speed. Self-sizing (labeling at different heights). Possibility of work by contact, by blowing, in stop and in movement (up to 20m / min.).


Pressure sensor to avoid accidents. Perimeter signal (instantaneous stop): prevents the piston from moving if the limited work area is accessed. Pressure regulator limited to 6 bars. Sensor "hand presence" (optional). The piston stays up even if the air is shut off to avoid knocks and line obstructions.


  • Automation of labeling processes
  • Pallet labels, shipment labeling
  • Variable size boxes / products in the same line
  • Product labeling, food processing / distribution
  • Distribution centers reception / shipping, cross docking
  • Mail, transport, logistics

Easy maintenance

Maintenance-free piston with self-calibration and sealed guides. Air inlet and outlet regulation with particulate microfilter.

Optional items

  • Status indicator traffic light
  • «Hand presence» sensor to prevent accidents
  • Stand-alone keyboard with touchscreen
  • Support column

Green credentials

Toshiba is committed to the design and manufacture of products that reduce environmental impact, by creating environmental quality standards for each product and prescribing it with the highest levels required by the industry. All Toshiba products are RoHS compliant.

Easy installation

Plug & Play - Easy installation and configuration. It incorporates as standard everything necessary to function: cups, air filter and regulator, photocell, test button, to simplify installation adjustment.

High performance, production level up to 30 labels per minute (for example size 100 x 100mm). Maximum autonomy with ribbon of up to 800m. Graphic LCD screen with feedback and easy access for user information.



Application mode

Contact / Blowing (stopped or moving)

Label application

Up to 30 labels / min.
Min .: 25 × 25 mm - Max .: 116 × 200 mm (Consult for special applications)

Applicator piston stroke

Max. 400 mm - useful 250 mm
Self-dimensioning path - Variable product height

Working mode

Print + Apply / Print + Wait Up / Down + Apply

Air pressure

4-6 bars / tube Ø8 mm, includes filter

Entry / exit signals

Print / Apply / Inhibit / Test button
Ready / Error - semaphore (optional) / Working

Safety signs

Perimeter / Presence of hand (optional)


USB 2.0, Ethernet

Optional interfaces

Parallel, serial, wireless LAN, RTC & USB host

Network tools


Fixation System

Tube Ø50 mm diameter


705 (height) x 364 (width) x 585 (depth) mm

Printer model





Thermal transfer / Direct thermal

Direct thermal

Print width

104 mm

Max. print speed

14 ips (355mm / sec)

12 ips (304 mm / sec)

12 ips (304 mm / sec)


203/305 dpi

203/305/600 dpi

203 dpi


Matrix and vector


Includes GS1 DataBar (RSS) compatible

Paper width

120 mm

114 mm

114 mm

Paper alignment




Paper roll

 200 mm outside / 76 mm inside

Tape length STD.

600/800 m

450/600/800 m

BelAp4 applicator

Status indicator traffic light, hand presence sensor, stand-alone keyboard with touchscreen, support column

EX4 Series Printers

Cutter, Rewinder, RFID Kit & Tape Saver

Cut, peel & internal rewinder