Electrolytic marking

Perfect marking of references or logos on:
Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Tungsten carbide, Alloys, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, etc.
Permanent marking without deterioration of the surface finish.


• The electrolytic marking system is the most suitable procedure for marking metal parts.
It is a fast, cheap and simple method universally used.
• To choose the appropriate marking procedure, the characteristics of the materials to be marked and the sectors of application of the products must be taken into account, as well as the quality, precision and durability requirements of the mark.
• Electrolytic attack markings meet these requirements.
Sharp and permanent marks with color contrast on the metallic surface at low cost in the final manufacturing process.


• All pieces can be personalized with your logo or that of your distributors in the final finishing process, with no need for differentiation until then.

• Stored parts can be marked in the moment prior to packaging for dispatch, allowing stock quantities to be adjusted to minimum quantities per model and not for each brand.
• Together with its anagram, it can refer to the product or include the most important quality, application or use indications, with the assurance of its permanence during the life of the product.


• Electrolytic etching equipment produces permanent quality marks, only removable by deterioration of the marked surface.
• The marking is carried out by the attack of the electrolytic salts to the passage of alternating current (black marks) or continuous (white marks).
• Metal erosion occurs without creating any stress as occurs in mechanical pressure markings. The black mark is produced by the fixation of the resulting salt on the recording made, which makes the marked text better visualized.


• Electrolytic attack equipment is simple and low-cost elements for the possibilities of application on a wide variety of markings on different types of pieces.
• The same system adjusts to mark totally different pieces in shape, volume or material.
• Due to the characteristics of the system, it is the simplest and most economical marking process both in initial investment and in maintenance with the added guarantee of the indelibility of the marks.
that it produces.
• A semiautomatic equipment allows a continuity of production in long series of the same part model and at the same time allows us to use it for the marking of unitary parts after a very simple change.


• Sharp strokes of both text and logos create a quality image of the finished product
• Products sold in large supermarkets or hardware stores stand out for their brand image, which remains throughout the years of use.
• The quality image of the brand favors the quality of its product.


• Uniform continuity of the marks that are made.
• Duration of the engraved text (indelible).
• Black contrast on metal surface.
• Marks on both flat and curved surfaces.
• It does not allow its removal without deterioration of the surface.


Main characteristics of the marking process

• Steels and non-ferrous metals can be marked, that are tempered or surface treatments such as chrome plating, nickel plating, etc.
• Permanent marking up to 0.1 mm deep and 6 microns black.
• No damage occurs on the surface of the piece, it only attacks in the area of the text to be marked.
• The marking is carried out depending on the client's needs: Texts, codes, logos, assembly graphics, scales, etc,
• It is valid both for large series, such as brand logos using long-lasting cliches, or very short series (eg marking a piece with a flat number) with silicone paper cliches.
• The hardness of the material does not influence the finishing characteristics of the brand, it can produce the same quality on untreated steel as on tungsten carbide.