VIAjet ™ V-Series

The ideal marking and coding solution for challenging industrial environments.

Low maintenance

With the DOD (DropOnDemand) valve system implemented in the 8000+ series heads, maintenance is minimal even in industrial environments.

Simple Integration

Integration with your existing production lines is very easy. Also if we add the MPERIA controller® we ensure total line control regardless of the platforms and technologies used

Complete solution

The systems can be configured independently or connected to your local network, constituting a flexible and scalable solution whatever the size and complexity of the application.

8000+ series heads

The 8000+ DOD Series DOD Heads feature the longest life and most reliable print head in the industry. Unique microvalve technology dramatically reduces ink consumption while maintaining impressive quality and speed. The robust 8000+ series print heads produce a high-resolution mark by overlaying a series of smaller dots.

+ 7, 16 and 32 valve printhead options
+ 9 billion headshots
+ The most robust and reliable in the industry.


The included module, with an internal power supply and printhead controller board, enables communication between DOD printhead technology and the MPERIA® controller over an Ethernet connection. Multiple V-Links can be stacked and networked via MPERIA®, providing a flexible and scalable system for small or very large applications.

+ Mounting options: wall mount, bookshelf, DIN rail
+ Controls 1-4 print heads (32 valves max.)
+ Control up to 2 triggers and 2 encoders


The MPERIA® coding and marking automation platform centralizes control of your marking technology, regardless of technology or equipment vendor.

+ Available in 7 ", 12" and 15 "models
+ IP ratings include: IP42, IP54, Ip40, IP54, IP65
+ Integrates with any ERP system or database
+ Control of third-party devices and printing technologies

DOD Ink System (DropOnDemand)

The ink supply system is designed to reliably deliver our inks and solvents to ensure optimal performance. With advanced ink circulation technology and bulk ink options, they reduce waste and cost per brand, allowing you to do more for less.

8000+ Series Specifications

8000+ Mini

Print head Mini It is ideal for brands and small character codes. Available in 7, 16 and 32 valve sizes.

+ Maximum speed: 120 fpm
+ Maximum distance to object: 1/4 ”(6.357 mm)
+ Minimum character height: 3/32 ”(2.38 mm)
+ Maximum character height: 3/32 ”(2.28 mm)

8000+ Midi

Print head Midi It is available in 7, 16 and 32 valve sizes and can print at a maximum distance of 2.28mm. These heads are the most robust on the market.

+ Maximum speed: 120 fpm
+ Maximum distance to object: 3/32 ”(2.38 mm)
+ Minimum character height: 3/16 ”(4.76 mm)
+ Maximum character height: 1 ¼ ”(31.75 mm) - 5” (127 mm)


8000+ Maxi

Print head Maxi It is the fastest and largest head in the series. Available in 7, 16 and 32 valve sizes.

+ Maximum speed: 780 fpm
+ Maximum distance to object: 1/2 ”(12.7 mm)
+ Minimum character height: 1/4 ”(6.35 mm)
+ Maximum character height: 1 ¼ ”(31.75 mm) - 5” (127 mm)