Engraving Punches

Punches for engraving metal


IMPERIAL marking punches have been recognized by tool consumers around the world for over 50 years, earning an unbeatable reputation for quality and Sheffield carbon steel construction with a hardness of 59-61 RC after quenching.

Punches are tested on 40 Rc steel before leaving the factory. By using IMPERIAL marking punches a sharp and clear impression can be obtained, as the characters are made with the same angle and depth. The surface of the characters has a uniform width and all characters of the same size are interchangeable.

The numbers and letters can be supplied by individual pieces, in all sizes, for hitting and similar suits. Heavy duty punch sets are supplied in sizes 3-5 and 6mm.


The scoring edge is specially tempered to prevent chipping, especially for very strong impacts, or lack of operator knowledge. They are supplied conveniently packaged in a blue high-density polyethylene box.


  • IMPERIAL steel character sets comprise single letters and numbers to engrave a complete word or part number, adaptable to manual support as required.
  • IMPERIAL steel characters are designed to be used on any metal by hand, with a hammer or on a machine.
  • IMPERIAL steel characters are faster and more efficient than using them individually.


IMPERIAL mounts are designed to achieve exact character placement and perfect character locking. Ease of use, duration and maximum safety for the operation.

H6.35-1919.012 12 9 8 6 4
H6.35-3929.018 18 15 12 9 6
H6.35-3939.024 24 18 16 12 8
H9.60-4040.0– – – – – – 6 –
H16.0-5757.0– – – – – – – – – 6


IMPERIAL manual numerators have wheels for engraving, which can easily rotate in the chosen position, can be properly held by means of a safety bolt, and the part numbers can be changed in seconds. The numerators are compact and very suitable for engraving operation during work. The only tool required is a hammer.

They are supplied in two sizes of 2.5 and 3 mm., In both cases with 6 sheaves from 0 to 9 inclusive. There are 11 positions on each sheave, including a blank, so a combination from 1 to 999999 can be obtained.

A special feature is that the safety pin not only properly locks the sheaves, but also transmits the compression load to the rest of the tool.