Electric pencil (Arkograf)

Electric pencil for engraving metals

For manual marking of conductive metals, including hardness treated steel, tungsten carbide, etc., the ARKOGRAF electric pencil is suitable for all kinds of parts, tools, spare parts, fixtures, gauges, repaired items, etc.

For manual and indelible marking of different types of conductive metal surfaces, which require a minimum depth of marking, the simplest and most practical marker is the electric arc pencil.
Even if the surface is treated in hardness or hard metal, the ARKOGRAF electric pencil makes the mark of the intensity you need.

It is a quality product resulting from long experience.

Transformer : • 50/6 Output 6 currents (2 - 6.5 V / 7.5 A)
• Overload protection with integrated circuit, no need for a fuse.
• Adonized aluminum control box.

Ejemplo Arkograf 1

Ejemplo Arkograf 2

To operate the electric pen, the connection cable of the pen must be connected to the current output terminal and the motherboard connector to the other output terminal.
Place the piece on the base plate and write with the pen on it.
The mark is produced by an electrical spark that partially deteriorates the surface of the metal. The intensity and depth of the mark is adjusted using the selector on the transformer.
The intensity selection is made by changing the position of the switch.
Pieces of anodised aluminum or metals with varnish or paint cannot be marked, they are insulators from the electric current.

Control panel (transformer):

Type A 50/6: 50 VA, 220 V, 50 Hz

• Standard model, marked from very fine to intense marking, practical for all metals.
• Current switch and selector for 6 currents (2 - 6.5 V / 7.5 A)


• Nickel-plated metal base with cable and terminal for connection to the panel.